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  • We’re Down For The Summer

    Be back in August > Purdue classes start. Hank

  • Have A Great Summer: Last Blog of Maymester (Maybe Ever?)


  • Algae-based Digester Coming To Area

    Curt Slyder writing in the 6/7/09 Journal & Courier, p. C1 had a very interesting article titled “BioTown’s next step has role for algae.” About 9 months ago I started blogging about use of algae to produce a substitute for diesel fuel, while at the same time producing animal feed, all a very fast growing simple organism – algae. Seems it is now coming to BioTown USA, the moniker hung on Reynolds back in 2005 by Governor Mitch Daniels. Indianapolis-based algae-wheel Inc. plans to have online in short order a 6,500 ft^2 greenhouse to process up to 90,000 gallons of wastewater per day.

    According to algae-wheel’s “About” page, the company was founded by “Christopher A. Limcaco, Founder & CEO, B.S. Environmental Civil Engineering, Purdue University 1992, started Algaewheel, Inc. in 1998 after working in wastewater design and consulting for 7 years. Christopher developed the algaewheel in his home and has been working on its perfection for nearly fifteen years.” How their system works is located here: Their contact information is given below. Pretty interesting technology and could work in series with the waste water treatment facility in W. Lafayette, now, couldn’t it? Recall the Capstone generators are multifuel lightbulb Hank


    Algaewheel, inc.
    9333 North Meridian Street
    Suite 108
    Indianapolis, IN 46260

    317.582.1400 ph
    317.536.3810 fax

  • Thinkbeta.com Subject to PHP Hack

    OK boys and girls, a hacker/bot has managed to scramble the php code for both this blog and our class Moodle instance. I’ve got an email into Arthur for assistance in unscrambling the aftermath. I’ve checked what code I can and haven’t been able to ascertain where the malicious code has been planted. We may have to struggle the remainder of the week with what we have.

    BTW, the tech boards are silent on this issue, for both WordPress-engined blogs and Moodle. There is lots of chatter about BestBuy having a short online only Windows 7 upgrade program starting Jun 16 for $49+ for Home, and $99+ for the Ultimate edition. I installed RC1 yesterday on my boomer and other than some flash plugin issues with FF, it’s running fine. [And Ubuntu seems to want to stretch off both sides of the 24" monitor to the extent the entire screen cannot be seen for installation. Bummer.]

  • Disruptive Business Model: Penske Plans for Saturn

    The press was buzzing yesterday when news broke that Roger Penske, a former racer himself, currently hands on in NASCAR, IndyCars, and the Rolex Series, owner of one of the largest the country’s largest auto dealerships in Bloomfield Hills, MI plus a a distributor of Daimler’s line of Smart cars in the US, is buying Saturn for chump-change of $100-$200 million. What’s really interesting, is the radically different business model Penske intents on putting in place. His Saturn company will not build cars, instead outsourcing the actual manufacturing function. Following the Apple model where nothing is made by Apple itself, Penske will concentrate on design and marketing functions. Interesting approach. Hank

  • Have A Happy Friday: They Did(n’t?)

  • Newpaper Ads In Toilet

    Bambi Francisco on June 2, 2009 had an intersting blurb on vator.tv about the sad state of newspaper print ad sales. In short, they are in the toilet. They are down 28% or $2.6 billion in the first three months of this year a precursor of the worst year since 1987. Employment classified advertising fell 67.4%, and real estate classified advertising 45.6%. In fact, nothing seems to be “up.”

    So where is the smart money going that previously was invested in newspaper ads? Is it just adsence on the internet, or social interactive sites such as Facebook and peer marketing picking up the slack? Where do you go when you want to find out about a product or firm? Yesterday Adam Black and I had a insightful conversation about www.newegg.com being the go-to place for computer related parts and accessories. Such “conversations” go on via wall posting all the time, maybe unnoticed at the time, but leaving synaptic traces nevertheless. In this case not viral marketing, but neural marketing. Hank

  • YouTubeXL versus Hulu Desktop

    Yesterday TechCrunch ran a blurb about the availability of YouTubeXL, a version of the Tube targeted toward the Desktop. Basically, the intent is to format YouTube stuff for your TV or large-screen monitor. It’s pretty plain at this time and works well in hi-def. TechCrunch notes that Gmote, a third party app for Android-equipped Smart Devices, works well with their latest product.

    Not to be outdone, Hulu (Team 9′s presentation subject) recently released Hulu Desktop which they state is “a lean-back viewing experience for your personal computer. It features a sleek new look that’s optimized for use with standard Windows Media Center remote controls or Apple remote controls, allowing you to navigate Hulu’s entire library with just six buttons. For users without remotes, the application is keyboard and mouse-enabled. Hulu Desktop is a downloadable application and will work on PCs and Macs. It will initially launch as a beta product during which we plan to gather and incorporate user feedback to improve the service.” A video highlight of their new Desktop is embedded below.

    As we have discussed in class, we’re rapidly moving toward the “on demand” model of online entertainment. This IS and will become more disruptive. Hank

  • Ecoplates

    As a result of this blog, from time-to-time I receive “interesting” unsolicited email. Below is one of the many; you decide if this is an opportunity in the US. Hank

    Dear sir,

    We glad to introduce ourselves as manufactures of disposable,bio-degradable eco-friendly areca plates  and bowls from areca sheathwhich is the pliable but  study part that holds the leaf.  The sheath has a naturally  yellow colour with  beautiful  grain as  you  see in teak wood.  The plates and bowls made from the sheath are light and easy to store. They are  economical and ecofriendly.  They are available in plenty in the areca gardens in South  India . They are  also organic material which can used without fear of any infection, they are  easily biodegradable. 

    These areca plates and bowls are water and heat resistant.  They can be used to bake food in microwave ovens. They  will not give out any colour or smell, they are flexible  but 
    they are hard enough to  support   the   food served in it. They have excellent properties which have made it popular among cater for 
    These plates are  manufactured  in and outside shimoga. For further details, you may visit our web site www.bioplates.com 
    we appeal to you  to  encourage the use of these  disposable  and  biodegradable  and eco-friendly plates and support over noble endeavor.                     
    With regards
    #330, Krishna Block, National Games Housing Complex,
    Bangalore-560 047,
    Mobil: 91 – 9243315633,
              91-  9243113109

             91 91 (080) 25703974 / 41491911 

  • Jumping Cracker Beans Startup Jumpin’

    Jumping Cracker Beans, a San Jose greeting card business founded by two women, has found quick success. Mike Cassidy writes: It’s refreshing in this land of business plans, elevator pitches and exhaustive ROI analyses to stumble upon a business that practically started itself. The two founders,  40+ and a 50+ Moms named Julia [ex marketing product manager at FedEx] & Judy [graphic designer], have found a way to break out of the greeting card clutter with three dimensional cards.

    It is well worth a couple of minutes to read what Mike Cassidy [previous link] has to say about them, including the catchy business name, and browse around their web site. They got it all going one direction. Atta Girls! Hank

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