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  • What To Wear iPhone App

    Posted on October 8th, 2009 admin 43 comments

    fashion Leena Rao on Techcrunch yesterday said: “Interactive fashion community StyleCaster has launched an iPhone app that answers the age-old questions that many women (and men) ask themselves when they wake up in the morning: “What’s the weather outside?” and “What should I wear?” StyleCaster’s free iPhone app pulls in a weather feed and will give you the recommendations of styled “looks” based on your current location and weather conditions……”

    For grins I downloaded and installed the app to show my wife. She didn’t have much to say about the app one way or the other. She’s like that the first couple of hours after being resurrected from sound sleep :-)

    BTW, Stylecaster is all over YouTube. It’s obvious they are using free video marketing big time. I added to the fray with the demo video below. In its own way, Stylecaster is cool! Hank


    43 responses to “What To Wear iPhone App”

    1. Apple’s saying “there’s an app for that” is definitely true. It seems like you can find an app to do just about anything these days. Also using free video marketing is a great way to get people to talk about your program and to make them aware of it.

    2. I can see how this app would be helpful to a girl but I don’t know very many guys who wake up in the morning and feel the need to check their phone to see what to wear. It does seem like a cool idea though.

    3. This is a great idea and seems like it would be helpful to anyone that is stuck looking for an outfit in the morning. I’m amazed by how many different apps there are out their.

    4. You know what they say, there’s an app for everything. Soon enough there will be an app that tell you this is the current style and this is where to buy them. More reason to get that extra cloth/shoes!

    5. Zacheriah Ruggles

      That’s a really cool idea! :) It is something that everyone could use and probable wishes they had at times in life. I hunt a lot in the fall and I think it would be cool if they had an app for what to wear when going hunting. If apple comes out with more options for the app it would be really really cool!

    6. I think the “Wwat sure I wear?” app is brilliant. All women ask that question when they get up in the morning- it is one of the first things that runs through our head. I think the fact that you can have a program giving suggestions based on weather is great. I am so excited.

    7. Man, I can’t wait to get the iPhone. The apps are pretty cool.

    8. I’m listening to you (Hank) explain this…too bad I don’t have an iphone. I have the awesome palm pre so boooooo iphone! :)

    9. Marisa Nakajima

      This app is pritty neat, but is business attire the only option it will give you? I would like to know if there were more variety for teens and if so for every style? There are so many different style trends from punk, jock, preppy, to busness attire. How could they possibly have all of them…

    10. a creative application that combines the weather forecast and daily stylizer, It’s like having a personal style coordinator. It will be nice if he/she can bookmark or favorite some options of outfits and based on user’s preference, the app chooses more desirable/preferrable style of his/her own.

    11. I mean it’s an interesting idea, but I think I’m going to pass on this app. In my opinion there are much better apps to take up space on my iPhone then this one.

    12. That’s cool, im surprised they made it free, maybe they are pulling something off bigger on the app in the near future…

    13. Andrew Rodriguez

      This is a really convenient application. I believe both males and females could get great use out of this. I quite often either look out the window or go outside to find out what the weather is like. But then again, is an app really needed when there exists a door or window?

    14. Wow! There really is an app for everything, and is continuing to grow. This app seems like a great idea, but I question how much it really helps. It is interesting to see the style aspect of the results everyday, which may help you when shopping, but maybe not if you do not have the specific style they display. I hope you would have a general idea of what is best to wear, and deciding this on your own. It is also interesting to recognize the potential dependency that some people can have on these apps.

    15. hahaha the iphone really does have everyhing. I always check the temperature in the morning to figure out what to wear and this will help me pick an outfit! yay!!

    16. Caroline Stephenson

      YES!! I can’t wait to download this app. Being a fashion lover makes this app perfect for me. I also have trouble choosing weather appropriate, but fashionable outfits. I think this is a great idea!

    17. Matt and I were playing with this app while you were talking in class. Couldn’t figure out how to change it to a guy rather than a girl… Still a neat idea I guess if you’re into that sort of thing.

    18. The iphone is really one of the greatest phone. I would really want to get one if I have the money….

    19. This is a very cool app! The iphone just keeps getting cooler and cooler. This is also very good marketing by stylecaster. It is free and very effective in getting to alot of people.

    20. Allison Weilbaker

      Like in previous posts, I am wondering if there is more than one type of look. Take today, it would have been nice if it had rain boots and an umberella. I would want it more geared for college students rather than more business type clothes

    21. Walmart is pushing RFID tags which are washable so when everthing has a tag in it, it would be cool if an app like this would come back and suggest clothes that you own.

    22. I ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. This is an answer to the question that runs through every girls mind as she first wakes up. “What to wear.” I am notorious for changing several outfits. I love how it updates an individual to make sure that you are not only right on with the weather but the latest trends. SIGN ME UP! LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    23. This is a great idea! Finally an app that I can use!Even some guys should use this, it would help them. I really like how this is based from NYC.Amazing!

    24. Shawn Tomlinson

      My girlfriend literally complains daily about having to pick out what to wear in the morning. So while i don’t quite get how this is a good and useful product i can say that this was designed with her in mind.

    25. Maybe it would get college students to stop exclusively wearing sweatpants and hoodies to class

    26. Hey Hank! No blog posts about Google Wave yet?! talk about disruptive technology!

    27. This is such a great idea!!! If I had an iphone I would definitely use this app all the time! This app is basically a personal wardrobe stylist, except without the costs!

    28. Christina Jacobs

      I just downloaded this app! I haven’t used it yet… but I think it is such a neat idea.

    29. This is great they are really taking the whole idea of there is an app for just about anything! i will defiantly be downloading this on my itouch

    30. The iphone has almost everything this is so cool

    31. This is amazing! I would use this everyday if I had an iPhone. It is a lot more conveinent than watching the news and trying to catch the weather or powering up your computer to find a website to tell you the weather. I hope the company is able to tweak it to be used in a wider variety and include activities you may be participating during the day.

    32. High tech is making our life more and more convenient. Now I know a new app of iphone. It’s so cool.

    33. Somebody at someplace is using this as there life. Part of this niche market really is obsessed with fashion.

    34. Apple made apps for everthing, which showed that they has done a great job for giving out tons of job opportunities. However, what if people got tired of these apps? What if people got tired of the Mac system, would Apple still leads the “fashion”? In addition, I personally, predfer Nokia’s N-series better, because I like Sybian better.

    35. This is very interesting program Apple I pod offers! I would certainly use this! It seems very convenient that people can check what to wear every day. However, I hope there is more variety of choices to choose from. But wouldn’t our choices to wear fashion clothes be restricted relatively to summertime at winter at West Lafayette?

    36. Its a pretty cool app. Though technically it offers a service for both guys and girls, I would still say that its basically to help women. It still has a lot it can incorporate so as to make it all the more useful.

    37. Sree Harsha Uddandam

      it is so cool and also helpful at the same time.i would love to have this on my i phone.

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