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  • ENTR200 Purdue University Spring 2010 Concepts

    Every semester, students in ENTR200 @ Purdue University are required to formulate Concept Statements for a new business they will subsequently flesh out into a full business proposal for micro-funding from Charles River Ventures. Below is what freshman-seniors submitted – might take a minute to load – Zoho is slow. As Fox News states, we report, you decide. Hank

  • TED-Ideas Worth Spreading: Bill Gates CO2=PSEC

    From Fast Company

    Bill Gates recently spoke at TED about how the world needs to attack reduction in CO2. As the tagline from TED suggests, his ideas are worth spreading. His 27+ minute presentation is embedded below. For my ENTR200 students, you might note he slipped in several “you knows.” Even the richest “guy” on planet earth is not perfect :-) Hank

  • Have A Happy Friday: If my nose was running money

  • Windows 7 RC to RTM + Greenhouse Update

    I have been running various versions of Windows 7 beta for the last year or so. The clock has been running on having to install a “real” version. Earlier this week I started getting nags that the 7100 build I was running was going to go kaput 2/28/2010. Microsoft in its for profit mode provides all Windows 7 betas in the Ultimate version. So to install any lessor version, means reinstalling the whole enchilada.  And according to everything Microsoft has put out publicly, it is impossible to update a Windows 7 beta Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate {RTM=release to manufacturing, the version you buy over the counter for BIG BUCKS}. NOT.

    This morning I followed a simple hack that was very straight forward. I made a folder named Ultimate on my desktop, dragged and dropped all the files and folders on the 64 byte version of Windows 7 Ultimate our son Jason gave me for my birthday, made the simple hack change, exited, clicked setup, and some 2 1/2 hours later I was running Windows 7 Ultimate RTM with all my previous files, folders AND programs operating as before. Microsoft is indeed the Evil Empire. Nuff said.

    The 32 second video embedded below is a collage of pictures shot 2/22/10 showing the following: four-pod LED grow lights with timer to right; LED pod back showing electrical hookup; LED pod shot showing lights; 28 tomato seedlings with first true leaves; tulips just starting to bud; daffodils almost blooming – 8-10″ tall; and yellow orchids for the orchid-lovers out there. Hank

  • A justifiable decision?-BbB

    Have you seen the recent story of the Ohio man who bulldozed his home to “send a message” to the banking industry?

    Terry Hoskins says he owed less than $160,000 on a home worth close to $350,000 and the bank was getting ready to foreclose on it even though he had never missed a payment.  He didn’t think it was fair that the bank would be getting more than he owed, so he wanted to make sure they didn’t get anything more than a worthless pile of rubble on a piece of land.  Some people are cheering his actions and calling him a hero.

    The facts are a little sketchy but it seems this man made a lot of bad business decisions.  Hoskins was the owner of a struggling carpet store.   Entrepreneurs are tenacious, sometimes to a fault.   They hang on desperately trying to find more money wherever they can to keep their business going.  When Hoskins business began to have cash flow problems, he stopped paying his state and federal taxes. Even if he had protected himself personally by incorporating his business, he was still personally liable for repaying its’ tax debt. He also used his personal assets (his house) as collateral for his business debt.  Not a good idea, but often a last resort for a frantic business owner.  In reality he owed the bank and the IRS over a million dollars.  Is he a hero or just a financial fool? Beth Carroll

  • The Bloom Box

    Tomorrow in San Jose, CA, the wraps are scheduled to be taken off of a almost magical device named The Bloom Box. The Bloom Box, in simple terms, is a small device, about brick-size at the core. Two of these devices can provide the typical electrical loads of an American household. They have been running in stealth mode at Google, eBay, and elsewhere. They are real as evidenced by the 60 Minutes clip which ran Sunday, 2/21/10 embedded below. They have been working on the technology for years and have received almost 1/2 billion in VC funding. You can read more about BloomEnergy at Techcrunch, FastCompany , CNET [latest] and Earth2Tech. Uber stuff. Hank

  • Tomorrow’s Burton D Morgan Business Plan Competition

    Tomorrow, Tuesday 2/23/10, my two ENTR200 classes are to convene at normal class meeting times in MRGN 121, site of this year’s Business Plan Competition. The teams are listed below. And below the team listing is the schedule. Please try to time your arrivals and departures so as not to interfere with the presentations.  For info, I recently provided presentation critique support to CFB Engineering [They are also in the final 8 of the business plan competition @ Ball State], and Katelyn Kulczyk of High Gen. Katelyn is scheduled to be under my employment as TA for the MGMT690 course in Sustainable Strategies I’m teaching this Summer for Krannert. Hank

    The undergraduate student teams are:

    * High Gen is working to provide design and implementation services for highway projects, using a wind-generated power system for lighting roadways and other utilities. Team members are Christopher Edward and Katelyn Kulczyk.

    * eX-Developed is developing a product for the viewing and analysis of the eXtensible business reporting language. Team members are Parker Woods and Joshua Hall.

    * TerraSolutions specializes in products made from soybeans and corn, including a cork-like material with a wide variety of uses and biodegradable diapers made of soybeans. Team members are Jacob and Matthew Smoker.

    * CFB Engineering is developing an unmanned aerial vehicle for use in reconnaissance and aerial photography.  Team members are Matt Cherry, Nathan Forton and Anthony Braun.

    * ROPES, or Rapid Orthopedic Pelvic Emergency Splint, is developing a product to help emergency responders stabilize a pelvic fracture faster and more effectively than other current methods. Team members are Jeffrey Fisher and John Poltrack.

    The graduate student teams are:

    * Pinta is focused on developing search and recommending software products that can make academic and research information more accessible and useful. Team members are Yi Fang, Anthony Sharpe, Nadim Ahmed, Luo Si Aditya Mathur and Suli Xi.

    * Smart Hydraulic Solutions is in the process of licensing patents for swash plate pump components from Purdue that have proven to increase pump efficiencies by up to 12 percent. Team members are Eric Lynch, Dheeraj Pandey, Anuj Bathla and Roman Ivantysyn.

    * BioRegeneration Technologies is working to commercialize a naturally derived biomaterial scaffold developed by Purdue researchers for tissue regeneration following an injury. Team members are Leonard Kim, Darryl Dickerson, Theresa Gordon and Eric Nauman.

    * Pathocare is developing a service that is designed to reduce the human and economic cost of infections in health-care settings. Team members are Colin Sandbach and Michael Triana.

    * Glytrix has developed a platform technology for tissue healing and regeneration that also reduces scarring. Team members are Joshua Cox, John Paderi, Alyssa Panitch and Kate Stuart.


    Tuesday, February 23, 2010
    Team Check-in 8:00 pm – 3:00 pm MRGN 102
    Team Presentations 8:30 am – 4:00 pm MRGN 121
    Black Division Competition
    High Gen 8:30a – 9:00a
    eXdeveloped 9:05a – 9:35a
    Terra Solutions 9:40a – 10:10a
    Break 10:10a – 10:25a
    Ropes 10:30a – 11:00a
    CFB Engineering 11:05a – 11:35a
    Judges Deliberation and Lunch 11:35a – 12:55p MRGN 206
    Gold Division Competition
    Glytrix 1:00p – 1:30p
    Pinta 1:35p – 2:05p
    Pathogens 2:10p – 2:40p
    Break 2:40p – 2:55p
    Bioregeneration 3:00p – 3:30p
    Smart Hydraulics 3:35p – 4:05p
    Judges Deliberation 4:05p – 4:55p MRGN 206
    Feedback 5:00 pm – 6:15 pm MRGN 112, 129
    Awards Dinner 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm MRGN 102

    Introduction by Rick Cosier

    Recognition of Judges & Sponsors

    Speaker – Mike Fitzgerald

    Award Presentations – Rick Cosier

  • App Development Opportunity

    Thanks to the Director of the Certificate Program Nathalie for passing this on to me:

    And to Tim Watson for this link about the topic:

    Introduction to Making an iPhone and iPad App

    Apple presents a free seminar at Purdue about developing applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the new iPad. Join us on Tuesday, March 9, 2010, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in ME 161. Apple consulting engineer Steve Hayman will lead the March 9 discussion.

    Read more at www.tech.purdue.edu/News_And_Events/apple and see the attached flyer.

    Sponsored by Purdue’s College of Technology, the Association of Information Technology Professionals, and Apple.

    p.s. WE HAVE A CLASS FOR THAT – Purdue’s Department of Computer & Information Technology will be offering CIT 425 beginning in the Fall 2010 semester. Enroll in CIT 425 and learn the essentials of developing and selling apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. See the course web site at:  www.tech.purdue.edu/cpt/courses/cit425, or contact Professor Kyle Lutes, for more information.

    Please pass this email on to your friends and post the attached flyer where others can view it. [I did so. Hank]

  • Higher-tech “Toys” On Horizon-Scrabble Flash Cubes


    (Ages: 8 and up; Approximate Price: $29.99; Availability: Fall 2010; Players: 1)

    How many words can you find in a flash? SCRABBLE FLASH CUBES is an innovative new way to play the classic crossword game without a game board as players slide, move and shuffle electronic cubed letter tiles in a race to create new words in 60 seconds. Providing a fast, frantic and addictive play experience, the five SCRABBLE FLASH CUBES letter tiles contain ‘Smart Tile Technology’ which recognizes formed words when the tiles are placed side by side, and keeps score of correctly spelled words. SCRABBLE FLASH CUBES provide an amazingly addictive play experience that you won’t want to put down! Times are a changing. Hank

  • Have A Happy Friday: Pigeon Impossible

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